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Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred


Det skete ved San Remo Konferencen i Israel — kampen for staten,Ordet og Israel, Scandinavia, s. Vestjordanland til FN i Flygtninge til og fra Israel — befolkningsudveksling Araberne tabte, og mange af dem flygtede. Efter seksdagskrigen i flygtede yderligere nogle arabere fra Vestbredden.

Det var hovedsagelig jordanske tilflyttere, eller folk som allerede var noteret som flygtninge i Jordan. I perioden —57 flygtede der Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred sammenligning Af de oprindelige Denne befolkningsudveksling har imidlertid ikke bragt fred. Og det er blevet til Nul flygtninge, fordi alle er blevet optaget og integreret i de lande, som de flygtede til.

Men det er ikke sket med araberne.

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Organisation har mere end Det ydmyger vores kollektive ego. Uanset hvor de kommer fra. At begynde at sammenligne det med f. Den samme organisation, der den Citat om betingelserne under det britiske mandat: Det er pinagtigt at danskere solidariserer sig med aggressorerne.

Det er situationen for alvorlig til - pro et contra. Tiden er inde til "real news" - pro Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred contra. Wilsons USA ide om folkenes selvbestemmelsesret. Men det er Balfour's deklaration der den dag i dag er grundlaget for de stridigheder der er mellem staten Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred og de arabiske nabo stater.

Israel er anerkendt af FN som medlem, dermed anerkendt af verdenssamfundet som en legitim stat. Alle krigene mellem Israel og de arabiske atter er en krig over et enkelt ord "homeland".

Hvad var landets hovedstad? Denne "kronik" var Altinget ikke sluppet levende fra at bringe - inkl forfalskede tal, angreb osv - hvis det handlede om danske forhold. Det er beklageligt, at Altinget tillader anonyme indslag. It also obscures Hamas's curious history.

To a certain degree, the Islamist organization whose militant wing has rained rockets on Israel the past few weeks has the Jewish state to thank for its existence. Hamas launched in in Gaza at the time of the first intifada, or uprising, with Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred charter now infamous for its anti-Semitism and its refusal to accept the existence of the Israeli state. But for more than a decade prior, Israeli authorities actively enabled its rise.

Fatah was secular and cast in the mold of other revolutionary, leftist guerrilla movements waging insurgencies elsewhere in the world during the Cold War. The PLO carried out assassinations and kidnappings and, although recognized by neighboring Arab states, was considered a terrorist organization by Israel; PLO operatives in the occupied territories faced brutal repression at the hands of the Israeli security state.

Meanwhile, the activities of Islamists affiliated with Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood were allowed in the open in Gaza — a radical departure from when the Strip was administered by the secular-nationalist Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser. InNasser had executed Sayyid Qutb, one of the Brotherhood's leading intellectuals.

He goes on to outline the type of assistance the Israelis initially gave Yassin, whom the PLO at one time deemed a "collaborator," and Gaza's other Islamists: Israel's military-led administration in Gaza looked favorably on the paraplegic cleric, who set up a wide network of schools, clinics, a library and kindergartens. Sheikh Yassin formed the Islamist group Mujama al-Islamiya, which was officially recognized by Israel as a charity and then, inas an association.

Israel also endorsed the establishment of the Islamic University of Gaza, which it now regards as a hotbed of militancy. The university was one of the first targets hit by Israeli warplanes in the [ Operation Cast Lead]. Yassin's Mujama would become Hamas, which, it can be argued, was Israel's Taliban: Israel jailed Yassin in on a year sentence after the discovery of hidden arms caches, but he was released a year later.

The Israelis must have been more worried about other enemies. Thanks to the Mossad, Israel's "Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks", the Hamas was allowed to reinforce its presence in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, Arafat's Fatah Movement for National Liberation as well as the Palestinian Left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression and intimidation Let us not forget that it was Israel, which in fact created Hamas.

Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred of the Islamist movement in Palestine, returning from Cairo in the seventies, established an Islamic charity association.

According to the Israeli weekly Koteret Rashit October"The Islamic associations as well as the university had been supported and encouraged by the Israeli military authority" in charge of the civilian administration of the West Bank and Gaza.

And inthey created an "Islamic University" in Gaza. Meanwhile, the members of Fatah Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian Left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression.

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InAhmed Yassin was arrested and condemned to twelve years in prison, after the discovery of a hidden arms cache. But one year later, he was set free and resumed his activities.

The Hamas had rejected Oslo outright. Yassin did everything in his power to undermine the Oslo accords. The latter was very reluctant to implement the peace agreement.

7. jan Israel og Jordan...

The Hamas then launched a carefully timed campaign of attacks against civilians, one day before the meeting between Palestinian and Israeli negotiators, regarding the formal recognition of Israel by the National Palestinian Council. These events were largely instrumental in the formation of a Right wing Israeli government following the May elections. Quite unexpectedly, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered Sheik Ahmed Yassin to be released from prison "on humanitarian grounds" where he was serving a life sentence.

In fact, Netanyahu knew that he could rely, once more, on the Islamists to sabotage the Oslo accords. Arafat was helpless in the face of these events.

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Moreover, because he had supported Saddam Hussein during the Gulf war, while the Hamas had cautiously abstained from taking sidesthe Gulf states decided to cut off their financing of the Palestinian Authority. Meanwhile, between February and AprilSheik Ahmad Yassin was able to raise several hundred million dollars, from those same countries. The the budget of The Hamas was said to be greater than that of the Palestinian Authority.

Forberedelsene til krig mot Hezbollah

These new sources of funding enabled the Islamists to effectively pursue their various charitable activities. It is estimated that one Palestinian out of three is the recipient of financial aid from the Hamas. And in this regard, Israel has done nothing to curb the inflow of money into the occupied territories.

The Hamas had built its strength through its various acts of sabotage of the peace process, in a way which was compatible with the interests of the Israeli government. In turn, the latter sought in a number of ways, to prevent the application of the Oslo accords. In other words, Hamas was fulfilling the functions for which it was originally created: And in this regard, Hamas and Ariel Sharon, see eye to eye; they are exactly on the same wave length.

Og i oprettede de et "islamisk universitet" i Gaza. Hamas havde afvist Oslo kategorisk. Yassin gjorde alt for at underminere Oslo-konventionerne. Efter at have udvist Yassin til Jordan, tillod premierminister Netanyahu ham at vende tilbage til Gaza, hvor han blev tiltrukket triumferende som en helt i oktober I mellemtiden kunne Sheik Ahmad Yassin mellem februar og april rejse flere hundrede millioner dollars fra de samme lande. Med andre ord opfyldte Hamas de funktioner, som den oprindeligt blev oprettet for: Men den begrundelse kan nok ikke anerkendes.

Det synes jeg ikke. For det er der ingen, der skriver. Israel, det eneste rigtige demokrati, eneste land Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred religionsfrihed! Arrogant forekommer det mig: Georg Julin er fhv.

kunde vara en stark kraft...

Arrogance ligger ligeledes langt fra min livsstil. Michael Anonym - meld dig offentligt ind i debatten som alle andre - det vil styrke dine meninger og ikke mindst - holdninger.

Holdning eller ej - fra dig eller andre - der er vel blot at konstatere at der er lang vej endnu inden "den bedre viden" er tilegnet - via grundige studier - og det tager godt nok langt tid kan jeg hilse at sige. Det jeg har skrevet - er skrevet ud fra viden og oprigtighed og fordybelse i troen omkring emnet - pro et contra.

The complex, realistic, tense and dramatic multi-layered account of oil politics, terrorism and the CIA in the Middle East made for a fascinating story which also had at its heart personal transformation. The action began in Iran and also took in Lebanon, but no other Middle Eastern countries were featured apart from an unnamed Gulf State. Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia were entirely absent.

There was no reference at all to Syria. But I did not look into the question of the name of the film until this year when the war in Syria reached an ever more critical condition. Are we reacting to this current chemical weapons attack crisis in terms of crime and punishment? If so, are we certain about the facts of the crime and the identity of the murderer? Are we satisfied about the nature of the evidence? After all, in so many other aspects of our modern life we insist on valid evidence.

It is possible that the Syrian crisis may provoke a serious confrontation between America and Russia. We come into this earthly life through our mothers, the female element, which can be the East sunrisewhere earthly life begins.

It may have been retained in their mental and emotional life but in their physical life it has not; it cannot be, otherwise we would continue to live physically forever. They stood at the respective portals of birth and death. Kort sagt er pointen den, at Israel har valgt at følge international lov om, hvad en . Dersom saudierne ønsker å leve i fred med Israel, vil landet svare ved å.

feb Herbert Pundik har taget hele turen fra frivillig israelsk soldat, agent for den efter en forudlagt plan, skildret i den israelske historiker Ilan Pappés The Ethnic. efter jer, vent bare, der Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred ikke fred i jeres tid, o.s.v. Og det satte sig. »Ja,« bekræfter Pundik,»men PLOs mand i København, Alawi hed han. Information om Israel och judendomen. Palestinierna vill Israel och plo har lagt grunden for fred ha fred med Israel.

att den palestinska ekonomin på grund av upproret har förlorat 1,15 miljarder dollar under Clinton har lagt fram sitt sista fredsförslag innan han lämnar Vita huset.

Innan Yasser Arafat och PLO kom in på territorierna i maj låg den.

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